Perfect Comeback

by David Alfonso Martinez

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All songs written by David Alfonso Martinez ©
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Luc Sylvestre.
Huge thanks for Steven Whiteley for his trumpet work.
Mastered at Ithaca Mastering, Montreal.


released April 29, 2015



all rights reserved


David Alfonso Martinez Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: We'll Call Soon Enough
Oh I'll see you later, a week's enough favor; banked in with acceptance - rococo and sampled the best parts. We'll call. I'm sure you're on your own.

This home office that I'm a stranger to...I can't believe that you couldn't soothe the core. For passing rhyme, our trees in our backyard store you staying merciful.

Slaying cards engrossed with wine; Your half-dead carpet with fractal designs; Our love will age with time; Can't you see that I'm deemed to die?

We'll call for now.

It's deeper than any road you'll go on; fluorescence like never seen before. (It's) echoing your childhood, every steps you ever took and furthermore.

Take all my heartly possessions away. Fake my emotions in times new roman. Shake off the demons in flying colours. Wake from this dream and live your life again.
Track Name: It Gets Better
Someone still loves you in Atlanta back where your heart belongs
but it gets so hard as an expat away and you're littering.

But it gets better, But it gets better, But it gets better I know.

You can leave if you want to but my belief in integrity is keeping my heart transfixed.

Someone still needs you even though you stopped receiving years ago. When you refuse to go out at night that I think that you don't care anymore.

That you don't care anymore, you don't care anymore, you don't care.

Staying alone won't help your cause and you know this.
We can talk if you want to but
I know it won't change a thing.

Someone still loves you in Atlanta back where your heart belongs
but it gets away as you're figuring out now:

That it's not where you are that is the reason you don't write - It's a mess but we can figure it out.
Track Name: Post-Impressionism
Wake up in the morning; let your arms outreach the sun.
Big hearts that'll bring your head to rise again.
Spring awakening - we're educated and facing forward and the mosaic canvas of your shortcomings painted upon by the post-impressioned weather.

Everything you know is dead. Everyone you know is dead. Everywhere you know is dead.

We're reinstated but your emotions got too tongue tied. It's your ghost that keeps on and on and on.

Yeah, without your heart you ain't got nothing for so long, for so long.
Without your love you ain't got nothing for so long, for so long.
Take your time away - it's so wrong, it's so wrong.
Someday you'll see exactly what I mean.